A few years ago I went on a journey that was marked with pain and many tears. I learned through this journey of pain that I was created to be a whole person and that wholeness comes not through peripheral “things” but from our Creator.  I am now on a quest to become the whole girl He created me to be. I desire that my spirit, soul and body might be whole or complete and lacking nothing.  What does that look like? Well I think it starts with the word “Peace” or as the Hebrews once greeted each other, “Shalom”. This word “Shalom” defined means not just peace but health, tranquility, wholeness, perfectness, well-being, completeness, welfare, safety and the absence of agitation.

I believe this is what our soul seeks, this kind of peace. My quest to becoming a Whole Girl, starts here. It starts with my heart, mind, body, soul and spirit being covered in this blanket of “Shalom.”

Activism, Awareness and Service

As part of my quest for wholeness I believe I have been called to help others find this wholeness their soul seeks.  I am trying to answer that call through activism, awareness and service.  I just graduated with my Masters in Human Relations through the University of Oklahoma. As of April 1st, 2014, I became the Program Coordinator of MUTUAL Gold an after-school program for middle school girls in Bartlesville, Ok. We are launching this new program in August 2014 as an extension of the MUTUAL Girls Club. This year August 2016 Mutual Gold will shift it’s efforts into the Public Schools. We will be teaching girls 4th-8th grade that they are “PRICELESS.” All during school hours! I stand in awe at how God has pieced together every step of this journey.

532371_463489850374529_2117732723_nI consider myself an artist and it pours out of me in many different ways, I am a jewelry artist and have started refurbishing furniture and other household items to sell to help girls in need. As a start I am partnering with an organization called The HELPS Organization   to help raise money for children who live at the Father’s House Children’s Home, in Ruiru, Kenya to attend college.  The children in Ruiru are dear to my heart because I spent 17 days with them in 2005. One of the oldest girls Jackie, has finished high school and now, to escape poverty and a life on the streets, she needs to attend college.(Jackie pictured on right) We know the value of education,  but in a place like Kenya where public education ends at 8th grade, it is priceless. I have introduced the MUTUAL girls to jewelry making to help raise money for our kids in Kenya and they have contributed many, many bracelets to help support the cause. I hope to continue to expose the MUTUAL girls to the art of giving. I have adopted this paraphrase of Deuteronomy 15:11  to serve as my mission, “There will always be poor among you.  So freely give to your neighbors with open hands.”

Emily French
I am in a place right now where I am so full. Full of love, full of life, full of joy. I love being the mom to my three sons Koby, Zekiah and Levi. I love being the wife to my husband Larry.  I am the Music Director for East Cross United Methodist and the Program Coordinator for MUTUAL Gold.  I am spending my days doing things that are precious to my heart. I have found true Joy. Join me and my causes.

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  1. I am full of excuses because you are one busy lady and you do it all! I feel so drained so often and I go to work and come home! Let me know the next time one of your fundraisers is happening. I am a crafty gal which is a way I make extra money…when I have the energy. 🙂 I would gladly donate some things to be sold!

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